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Deja 18 Female

1.            Shoes - Vans ladies size 6.5

2.            Victoria Secret body spray

3.            Gift cards            

Jayla 9 Female

1.            Nail spa set

2.            clothes pink *dpw req made for more specific info

3.            blue pants size 10 *dpw req made for more specific info

4.            shirts med

5.            shoes size 3.5

6.            lip gloss

7.            piggy bank

Kaia-lise 12 Female (Tomboy)

1.            Hot wheels and case

2.            Indoor basketball hoop

3.            anything to do with cars


Dahlia Swanson – 6 year old female                                                        

1.            Vampirina Toys

2.            Moana Doll

3.            Disney Princess Barbie Dolls

4.            Holiday 2018 Barbie

5.            Barbie camper with or without a horse  

6.            Disney clothes in girl’s size 7/8

7.            Purple colored clothes in size 7/8


This time of year is financially hard because my household income is only $859 and my rent is $695 so there is not any money left for gifts. I have metastatic breast cancer Stage 4 and my condition is terminal.  I want to make sure Dahlia has a good Christmas because I don’t know how long I will be alive. I was able to work as a certified nursing assistant helping others until March of this year but now I cannot work anymore because of my condition and I hate that because I am the provider of my household but I appreciate any assistance to put a smile on my princess Dahlia’s face at Christmas time. 


1.            Whiteboard/corkboard

2.            Sketch book

3.            New clothes *size request made by dpw

4.            Gift cards           

Amelia – 10 year old female

1.            Rainbow loom

2.            iPod (refurbished)

3.            New clothes *size request made by dpw                              

Gretchen – 8 year old female

1.            Lol dolls

2.            Cool fidget spinner

3.            Scooter

4.            New clothes *size request made by dpw       

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